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Smart Plumbing Services
Providing services in the following:
Commercial Domestic Maintenance

Central Plant Room / Boiler Room

A centralised plant room forms the heart of any Communal or District heating system, delivering energy to each dwelling via a main heating primary circuit. This is in line with latest legislation encouraging centralised plant rather than the use of individual heating and hot water systems.

Smart Plumbing Services specialise in providing integrated communal heating solutions - from initial survey and consultation to system design and Installation. We also offer ongoing maintenance and a comprehensive support package.

Working together with engineers, designers and architects to calibrate boiler capacity and output to ensure systems work to their optimum efficiency. This ensures the plant room is part of a building management system that reduces overheads to a minimum. At Smart Plumbing Services, safety is one of our highest priorities. It is essential that all our systems meet the latest safety standards as well as performance criteria.